Budgets, Agreements & Governing Documents





Clinical Services Agreements (CSA)

UW Medicine Lopez Island Clinic

Lopez Island Physical Therapy LLC

Governing Documents

SJCPHD#2 Bylaws Amended January 23, 2019

SJCPHD#2 Original Bylaws Adopted May 25, 2017

Interlocal Agreements

Orcas Island Health Care District Interlocal Premium Agreement 2018

Health Care Authority Interlocal Agreement 2018

San Juan County Interlocal Agreement 2017

State Audits

SAO Accountability Audit Report LIHD 2019

SAO Accountability Audit Report LIHD 2018

Insurance Policies

Certificate of Liability Insurance 2019/20

Cyber Liability and Privacy Crisis Management Expense_2019/20

VFIS_2019/20 Summary of Coverages

LIHD Policies & Procedures

SJCPHD#2 Commissioner Compensation Policy (adopted 10_23_19)

SJCPHD#2_Debt Policy

SJCPHD#2-Policy_Post Issuance Compliance Policy

SJCPHD#2 Ethics and Conflict of Interest Policy

SJCPHD#2_Financial Management Policy

Citizens-Guide to Public Meetings_2017

SJCPHD#2 Revised-Public-Records-Policy (adopted 2_27_19)

SJCPHD#2C Travel & Expense Policy

Travel & Expense Claim Form

SJCPHD#2 Records Management 2018 Revised